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Creating things, that are simple and look „normal” always seemed to be a hard thing for me. Observing young designer’s works, I noticed that they try to amaze or surprise others by designing very unusual and even bizarre forms. How to create a good project using simple forms? How to create the „ordinary” piece of furniture? Those questions have led me to begin my design process. It wasn’t a random choice that finally I built a chair. Chair is not only used as a designers manifesto but it is also so rooted object in our culture that every unusual feature is visible and striking. My project began from a deep theoretical analysis. I asked myself the most basic questions: what do I see as ordinary and what makes something to be seen as normal? The answers I’ve got imposed the aesthetic and construction features of an emerging object. Normal object should be transparent, inconspicuous, at least on first sight. It doesn’t mean though that it can’t be appealing. During the design process I have understood, that even in a simple form you can achive appealing effect by refining details, proportions and the use of specific materials. Normal things don’t have to be pure or minimalistic, it is probably more about established, traditional typology. That’s why the construction of a chair consists of turned wooden elements which are traditional in furniture craft. Instead of using a plywood or weaved seat, I chose a hard polyurethane foam which provides more comfort. This modern material remains invisible because of it’s simple form and neutral color.


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