is a polish version of book Polish Design: Uncut.

“It is a unique overview of Polish design of the past decade – a period which produced some of the greatest successes in the field and garnered numerous awards, such as the Red Dot Award. Polish design continues to triumph at prestigious competitions and maintains a constant presence at the biggest design fairs (Milan, London, Berlin), reflecting the status currently enjoyed by the brightest talents in the field and their award-winning projects.
Authors Czesława Frejlich and Dominik Lisik employ a formula that combines the attributes of an album, an encyclopaedia and an analytical volume. They have grouped the designers’ works into seven categories: furniture, means of transport and public space, domestic and special-use items, lighting; glass and ceramics, textiles, clothing and toys; and experiments.
Each entry includes photographs, a short description of the project and a bio of the designer.The book is fully illustrated with photographs by Przemek Szuba presenting the featured designs in unexpected settings.”

JUNE 2014

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